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Art Enrichment Activities

Here are some ideas to stay creative and have some artsy fun!

Click on any of the links below to start your creative experience!


1. Use available supplies, modify or change if necessary

2. Make it your own-personalize


4. SEND ME A PIC OF YOUR ART!! With parent permission email your pic to

Additionally, you can always upload your art to

On Artsonia simply search 'Julia Green", type in your student's name, follow steps to upload any of your student's personalized art.

Email me if you have any questions!  ~Ms. Mac

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Suggested Websites
Art activities by subject, media & grade level
Blick Art
Jerry's Artarama
Drawing Lessons-Art Hub



Paper Mola Activity

Create a unique artwork inspired on how you feel


 Click  the picture icon to view lesson and create your own!!

*Parents-please be advised that most links will be connected to educational sites as well as social media sites such as YouTube. 

Biology Drawing Class
Artsy Ideas!

Silly Prompts

Weekly Prompts-created by Ted Edinger


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